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A Backpackers Guide To Hobart

stay at waterfront accommondation

If you’re anything like me, you like a good backpacking trip. There are many good spots to backpack in Australia. Most popular is the route between Melbourne and Cairns – the whole east coast. However, there are some really nice places in the south that are perfect for backpacking.

Tasmania is a natural treasure

If you are looking for an authentic and nature-rich experience – look no further. Tasmania is a small island off the south coast of Australia, with only about half a million inhabitants. The island contains a beautiful landscape and is the home to many native animals.

Before you go…

Remember that Tasmania is way down south and the climate is very different from that of the tropical Queensland. My best tip is to pack a warm sweater, leggings and gloves – especially if you’re going in winter. Also remember to bring a camera with long battery life, to capture all the magical moments.

Where to stay?

There are many options for where you could stay in Tasmania. If you’re travelling to Hobart – try the waterfront accommodation option. Staying near the ocean is the perfect way to spend your time in Tassie. It’s also close to shops, cafes and restaurants. If you are travelling further inland you might want to camp. Camping can be great fun and is a unique way to get close to nature and all the wild animals.

What can I eat in Tassie?

There are some luxurious lunch options in Hobart, that cannot be missed! If you’re on a budget, I recommend visiting the Salamanca Market. It’s a beautiful market at the heart of Hobart, selling things like food, drinks, art and woodwork. The market is open every Saturday, so plan in advance!

How do I get there?

As a backpacker, you’d probably fly. I bet you wonder how that works! The thing is, there is a boat option available – a ferry. But with budget airlines such as Jetstar offering cheap deals, it is often better to fly. Just make sure you factor in the costs for baggage etc. However, if you wish you bring a lot of stuff with you, such as big tents and bags – going on the ferry might be a better idea so that you can bring your car over.