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Backyard Make-Over using Unique Materials


Apart from beautifying your garden with ornamental plants, using recyclable materials for your landscaping design has maintenance cost benefits. However, an outdoor designer together with an interior stylist (that specialises in outdoor design) can construct a yard with in-expensive landscape designs. Instead of breaking your budget with unique materials, we can share some proven artistic landscaping ideas that are contemporary.

Consider Recycled Materials

You can recreate any garden with eclectic, recycled materials like wine bottles, plastic containers for soda, and wood scraps. Usually, images of recycled fence and walls often attract an audience on the internet. People tend to copy this recycled-fence or patio wall idea because it’s uncommon, cheap and creative. By using unexpected materials that are recyclable, you will save your backyard fence from environmental degradation.

Also, more decorating ideas can increase the appeal by adding some rustic element to your backyard fence. Try to attach a bench or built-in seat to the backyard wall and maximise the outdoor space. Salvaged metal and recycled lumber can be used to create a decorative backyard fence when you decorate these outdoor spaces with hanging flower beds.

Plant Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are unique and contemporary garden ideas that are not expensive. You can ask a florist to recommend some outdoor-colour-grasses that will fit the sidewalk of your backyard. Grasses can enhance the outdoor living space of homeowners. Generally, ornamental grasses add texture and attractive colours to the natural view of your yard. While most ornamental grasses are colourful, the green lawns are ideal for covering the surfaces of soft grounds. Try the fountain grass if you want a subtle enhancement of your backyard garden, but Feather Reed-grass and Blue Oat-grass will make the garden to look modern.

Incorporating Outdoor Furniture

In winter seasons, the need for fireplaces or fire pits in the backyard increases. Usually, outdoor furniture such as round-edge tables’ rockers, back chairs and gliders will help to enhance comfort for users that need the warmth from the outdoor fire pit. You can get some inexpensive patio and vintage furniture that are purpose-built for outdoor use.

Planters Enhance Garden Art

Wooden or recyclable plastic materials are cheap landscape ideas of growing flowers. You can ask a carpenter to install used windows, and salvaged doors on the backyard fence and beautify the walls with old wine crates of colourful flowers. Apart from creating elegance with out-of-the-box ideas, planters that are hung from the fence can add harmony and visual focal points to your backyard. You can also purchase raised beds for gardens to create privacy screens in front of a transparent backyard fence.

Using unique materials like barrels or old pallets as planters can help homeowners to grow vegetables in their backyard space. Also, old wheelbarrows, watering cans, and bathtubs are conservative ideas of using cheap materials to make planters.

Outdoor Bar

Wouldn’t you want something different with a modern style in your backyard garden? Apart from the comfy feeling of living in a home with world-class architecture, the experience of adding a focal point for refreshment in your garden is worth the investment. Friends and family members can hold social gatherings in the backyard and use its outdoor bar. As a landscaping idea for social events, homeowners can entertain their guests with music with a funky outdoor bar. Also, the floor around the mobile bar can be decorated with ceramic tiles for excited guests that love to dance.

Use Natural Stones to Beautify Your Yard

With natural stones like gravel, enhancing your garden accent with unique ideas might be relatively cheap. Usually, gravel and concrete slabs are used to cover spots where plants don’t grow. This architectural idea is a low-maintenance method of keeping the backyard space functional.