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Easiest Jobs to Get Overseas

Do you want to work abroad and spread your wings a little? Maybe you are sick of your current situation or perhaps you want to be doing some traveling at the same time that you are working. Working abroad is a great extra component to add to your resume and it can be attractive to many employers and help you land that dream job you have desired for quite some time.

Once you have decided on working abroad you will need to decide where you want to go. Dealing with things like work visas can be quite complex. Consider choosing a country that offers working holiday visa which is much easier and simpler to get your head around and there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

The best and easiest places to get job and that jobs are needed in those areas:

New Zealand

This is great if you want a job working in IT or as an accountant. New Zealand is a beautiful country and weather. There are so many mountains and beaches to visit which are perfect for a weekend visit away from work. With a working visa they last for 12 months elsewhere but more time if you are from the UK which is around approximately 23 months. In New Zealand they have a shortage of professionals in the IT and accountancy areas, so it is very easy to find jobs within these areas. Health workers that are happy to work outside the main city are in high demand. You can check on the Immigration website under New Zealand which will tell you of the skill shortage list. There are also other job opportunities for people seeking to work in a more adrenaline-based working environment. There are plenty of parks in both the North and South Island that have a treetop zipline or a variety of other outdoor team building activities. These places will most likely employ someone from another country as they will be able to better communicate with tourists who are seeking the service.


If working more abroad in the likes of ski resort, then Canada might truly work for you. Snowy peaks and Rocky Mountains are perfect to be surrounded by or maybe try your luck in the finial district of Toronto. If you can speak French, then you can try Montreal. If you are interested in films then there are available spots in Vancouver.

Canada is huge, and it has plenty of opportunities for the right job. If you are a UK citizen, then you can stay for up to two years. You will have access to the wonderful attractions of the next-door neighbour America.


This is a great option for those looking for a shorter working day. The Australian economy is booming quite large, so it is a great time for those wanting to work overseas. The jobs are high paying and plentiful. You won’t get bored with the sandy beaches, the open spaces, and the tropical reefs. Healthcare, media, sales, and marketing are popular choices along with those more traditional holiday working gigs like farming and fruit picking. Australian recruitment services and employers are fans of personality testing and psychology so you might need to do these tests for an interview. the basic working hours are mostly 8/9 until around 4 pm which give you more time to do things afterward. There is also the opportunity of living and working as a live-in nanny. Being a life in a nanny offers you the opportunity to provide nanny services whilst experiencing everyday life in Australia. Many tourists choose to take care of children overseas but it is best to make sure you legally can do it before making the move.


Wanting a complete change of scenery? Then this is the perfect spot for you. There is a working holiday program that is for both students and graduates, but it does only run for six months. Singapore is a big financial center of the world and it is one of the best places to get some work experience if you want to work in the tech or finance industry. English is a commonly spoken language and you get to travel around southeast Asia also.

There have been a few countries listed in this article to help you decide where your next move should be. Do the research, further your understandings and be prepared for one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. Working and living internationally offers you the chance to experience a country for everything it has and gives you the opportunity to identify yourself as a local. This move doesn’t come without risks as you will be leaving your friends, family and previous life or profession behind in the hopes of making something new. Get ready for a big change!