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Eat, Pray, Love: Hobart Edition

breakfast by the ocean in tasmania

Feeling blue or in the need of something new? Taking some time for yourself is vital and could offer a fix to your sadness. Alternatively, provide some balance to parts of your life that need attention right now. It is possible to find happiness after a divorce or revitalize your current relationship by taking a trip to Hobart and enjoy a wonderful experience.

The Concept of ‘Eat, Pray, and Love’ Travel

The idea of ‘Eat, Pray, and Love’ travel is from Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling book. This 2006 travel memoir has been reproduced into a movie version that features the star actress – Julia Roberts. It’s a chronicle of how a beautiful woman that had everything (career, relationship, and success) lost it and became unhappy. The travel of Elizabeth Gilbert was in search of good food (Eat), spirituality (Pray), and life’s balance (Love) across the globe.

As we recreate her travel memoir into the Hobart edition, women will have the chance of exploring the awesomeness of southern Tasmania. Hobart International Airport (HBA) is about 20 kilometres away from the city centre. As the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart’s population has relatively friendly people. It’s bounded the Derwent River on the south and north regions. First-time travellers from the northern hemisphere might adapt to Hobart’s temperate climate more than visitors from the southern hemisphere.

When the modern woman needs to rediscover her life, she often takes a time-out and searches for reliving activities. Hobart has many getaway destinations for visitors that want to enjoy long holidays or a perfect weekend. It’s the perfect city for any woman that loves to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ travel, and rediscover herself.

Find love in luxury in Tasmania

Where to Eat in Hobart

Hobart’s ocean is a habitat for rare species of seafood, and the natives are happy to supply different varieties to restaurants on a daily. There are places to drink and eat fresh oysters, shrimps, and non-seafood. Bruny Island is an ideal location to enjoy a glass of vintage wine and whiskey. For less than $70, you can welcome yourself to a six-course buffet of some tasting menus in Franklin. Instead of globetrotting to find some gourmet treats, Hobart affords every woman the opportunity for an adventure of fresh local produce and good-tasting drinks. The Breakfast in Hobart is amazing and bound to make you at least a little bit happier.

Where to Pray in Hobart

While Elizabeth Gilbert found her spirituality in the temples of India, Hobart has holy places for prayers. You might consider indulging in Christian worship services where they use songs, psalms, and scripture for prayers. However, you can use the synagogue if Hebrew prayers (tfillah) appeal to your spirituality. There’s a Jewish temple in Tasmania that was built in 1845, and it’s called the Hobart Synagogue. Also, Hobart has mosques that have large spaces as prayer grounds. An essential part of spirituality is that it allows for deep meditation, and reflection on your whole being. For any woman that goes travelling to rediscover herself, a priceless experience awaits her in Hobart.

Where to Find Love in Hobart

Is there anything lovely about Hobart? We can’t ignore the serenity of Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park, white sand beaches, or the bespoke art collection at MONA. These are a few of Hobart tourist’s sites that attract millions of day-trip visitors every year.  Naturally, there’s no specific place to discover love in Hobart; instead, love fills the ambience when people are excited. Adventuring is an opportunity to greet and meet strangers from different parts of the globe. Find a nice hotel deal in Hobart and stay at a beautiful hotel – the rest will work itself out.

Any woman can find well-groomed guys in Hobart when they love the outdoor life. Some places to relax after your day trips are indoor bars with live musical performances, and clubs. However, beautiful ladies that love low-key lifestyles can indulge in great-tasting cocktails, and wines at any top-rated bar in the capital city.