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How to Furnish a Small Space

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The skilful designer is quick to encourage a client that a gorgeous space can be made even in a small space, whether it is an apartment, an office or even a restaurant. While it’s possible to make small rooms comfortable, designers can enhance it with breathtaking designs and furniture. When you have a compact room that fits your lifestyle, it can be decorated with contemporary ideas and designs. Here are some trendy ideas of furnishing a small space to match your lifestyle.

Infuse Nature in Your Living Space

When you buy a small flowerpot or large vase, don’t keep it outside unless you have a plant inside your home. Apart from enhancing the arrangement of furniture with natural plants, you can improve your lifestyle with more concentrations of oxygen. Even with a small space, greenery infuses freshness and sustains life. There are different styles of adorning a space with natural plants. You can hang small flower pots on doorways, or place flower beds on Windowsills. Many cafes and restaurants use nature and greenery to enhance their hospitality design.

Use Special Lighting Fixtures

When you accentuate a small space with pendant lighting or special ceiling light fixtures, it makes it cozy. However, you can consider the combination of other lighting solutions to match a better style. It’s double jeopardy for smaller rooms not to have a bright atmosphere. Instead of installing recessed lighting fixtures, ask your designer to recommend some wall sconces and flush mount fixtures that make small spaces appear bigger.

Consider Vertical Stripes

It’s a wrong choice when small rooms are adorned with short drapes. Instead, leave a few inches between your furniture and the wall before adding vertical stripes on drapes. This concept of adding vertical stripes on drapes makes the small room’s low ceiling appear higher.

Use Focal Points

Any living room with a small space can be enhanced by creating a focal point. Usually, visitors are attracted to a focal point when they come into your living room. Also, most interior designers suggest that people can rearrange decorative pieces around the focal point of their small spaces. Focal points with small pieces of art, family photos, and other collections can divert the attention of visitors from the fact that your space is small. h

Sneak In Some Folding Pieces

Have you considered 2-in-1 pieces of furniture that allow for multitasking? A dining table and work desk, or couch and bed designs are common examples of folding pieces. You can make your small space appear to be put together or compact with foldable pieces of furniture. Folding pieces are versatile furnishings that can be arranged when you are using them. They can de-clutter small spaces and leave more room for the addition of extra possessions like stacks of paper, books, and small artwork. Also, the use of folding pieces helps to free up your floor space.

Get the Right Rug

When choosing a rug for your small space, don’t make the mistake of making space smaller with your choice. Normally, tiny rugs are more affordable because of their size, but the price shouldn’t be the only determinant for small room residents. When a rug isn’t large enough to accommodate the dimensions of your furniture, it gives the impression that your room is smaller than it appears. However, you can get the right measurement of the area covered by your furniture before buying a befitting rug.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Mirrors

Place mirrors in strategic positions where they can reflect natural light around your small room. It’s an interior design strategy of making your room larger than its actual dimensions. Also, the strategic positioning of mirrors creates the illusion that a small room is more open than it seems in reality.