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Importance of Air Compressors within Indoor Theme Parks

Theme parks are an attraction and ideal enjoyment place for both the young and the older. Not only because they offer the fun and laughter from the rides and games similar to those found in an amusement park, but mostly because the entertainment structures are made to communicate a story around a central theme. What most of us may not realize while we amuse ourselves with these attractions is the vital role played by air compressors to keep everything going. Air compressors are not only useful in powering the machines in a theme back but also in ensuring their efficient performance and creating the ‘amusing feel’ that you get from them.

Specific use of air compressors in indoor theme parks

Air compressor fittings are extremely essential and are used in most of the systems found in indoor theme packs. These include machines and equipment used in the processing and packing food in refreshment bars and concessions as well as the power washers that keep the ambience neat and clean. The most extended use of air compressors in indoor theme parks is, however, in the many games that are found there. Specifically, air compressors are used to:

  • Power the hydraulic launch systems, brakes, and other control safety features on the different types of rides.
  • Control the amusement elements in interactive play machines and motion simulators.
  • Launch and run the actuators that control the movement of props, animated characters, and animatronic figures.
  • Control the release of water in amusement fountains and simulated water and snow displays.
  • Power hydraulic gates and motion systems that allow visitors to move faster from one attraction to the other.

Benefits of using air compressors in indoor amusement parks

One of the major reasons industrial air compressors are preferred in amusement parks is that they can be safely used around combustible and explosive materials, in damp places, and be completely submerged in water. Based on this and from the uses listed above, we can underscore three of the key benefits of using air compressors in indoor theme parks.

  1. Comfort and convenience: using air compressors to ensure safe launching, control, and landing of amusement rides creates a natural cushion for shock, hence offering visitors greater comfort and assurance of safety from falls and injuries.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: a lot of amusement games in indoor theme parks are run by compressed air as an alternative to electric power. This is especially common with water attractions such as fountains where compressed air is used to power spray hoses and generate currents, thereby creating fun and thrill. Besides, when compared to electric-powered systems, air compressors are easier and simpler to maintain.
  3. Quick movement: air compressors can be used for rapid and repeated movements. To visit and enjoy as many amusement options as possible in a single visit, people in theme parks use systems that allow fast movement such as hydraulic gates. This offers not only a speed advantage but also serves as an attraction and amusement element.

Next time you are in a theme park, you may want to notice how useful air compressors are in making your amusement options a reality.