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Moving to Japan? Don’t Miss These 3 Money Secrets.

3 money secrets for moving to japan

Moving to Japan is an exhilarating process. Between delicious cuisine, amazing sightseeing destinations, a few of the world’s most modern cities, and a captivating historical civilization, it is no wonder so many people from all over the globe are choosing Japan for their retirement, professions, or simply their next adventure.

Irrespective of your reasons for relocation, moving to Japan may feel like a lot to take on. However, armed with the correct information, you will be enjoying your new life. Here are three of the most overlooked aspects of living in Japan:

1. The cost of living in Japan

The cost of living in Japan somewhat varies, depending on if you are with immersing yourself with the culture or if you’ll be trying to stay more in your comfort zone by acquiring the more expensive, imported goods. Remember that the nation of Japan is on an island, everything has to be shipped in and that ramps up the price considerably.

2. Establish your financing in Japan

In among the world’s greatest banking system, establishing your financing up will feel relatively familiar. The procedure of opening a bank account over a cup of tea and polite conversation is the only part that might appear a bit foreign.

If you are planning to move funds back home, many banks have significantly lowered their fees for these kinds of transactions. It is common to notice a bloated exchange rate for the banks to increase profits. Before you move your cash, be certain to check on the actual exchange rate with an online money converter.

If you discover your bank is not offering you a fantastic rate, you may want to check elsewhere to make sure you achieve a fair rate and be billed smaller fees in the procedure.

3. Getting a job and working in Japan

As businesses decide to employ native Japanese citizens over “Gaijin” (foreigners), finding a job and working in Japan can be difficult. Additionally, it is almost always required that you speak Japanese.

And there you have it. Three big, overlooked aspects of moving to Japan most travellers consider too late. It’s really not that hard once you’ve carefully planned things out and you’ll be settling comfortably into Japan in the blink of an eye.

Congratulations on best of luck with your move!