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Museum Exhibitions You Can’t Miss!

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Something beautiful can give a joy that lasts forever. And no chance to witness that joy must be missed. An exhibition showcase is one such place that provides joy, more technically, it is an experimental space where art and science meets, and their boundaries are transcended. It provides for an immersive, innovative and multi – disciplinary view of the world around us.

A museum on the other hand is a place where a collection exists of objects that have historical, cultural or artistic value. They are available for the public to view and read about. There are some famous museum displays around the world for which tourists’ flock from all over, and thousands of smaller museums in cities which still have a lot of significance.

There are multiple types of museums such as the art museum, war museum, natural history museum etc. They will help researchers as well as the public to gain more knowledge. According to the International Council of Museums, there are around 55000 museums across all the countries and the famous ones exist in Beijing, Paris, Abu Dhabi etc. They must not be missed when provided with a chance to visit.

Some of the exhibitions you can’t afford to miss are:

1. 325 YEARS, 325 OBJECTS (The Bank of England Museum)

We live in the era where a tweet can affect how markets behave and affect the rates of crypto currencies. It is interesting to see how long we have to come in banking and for the same. The Bank of England celebrates its 325th birthday with a show having 325 objects that are a result of the legal rifling of its own bank vaults.


The exhibition is known for the music it portrays and the theme of it is the resistance against authority. It is also part of the Culture Under Attack of the museum, and the main focus of the exhibit is to put a stress on the musical resistance methods during different conflicts in history.

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It took more than 4 days to create this mural whose inspiration leads from the landscape paintings of the 19th century. It shows the rich collection and history of the museum.


If you are a Manga fan, then this is literally heaven! Know the history of the art form and the cultural impact it has in the largest exhibition of its kind outside of Japan. It teaches a lot about the global phenomenon and one can even experience it through special screenings and lectures from the pioneers in the field.


You can now witness the official residence of the Queen when her palace opens doors for the public for viewing in every summer. You can indulge in the state of the rooms, furnished and kept to perfection, remember, you will be in one of the very few active palaces in the world. There is also a special exhibition that marks the 200th year of birth of Queen Victoria. A trip to the UK or London cannot be complete without a visit to the famous Buckingham Palace.


The Hittite Empire was one of the most important rivals in the history of Egypt. They had ruled on Anatolia and until the 1200 BC, they had influenced the Levant. If you want to know about the long-lost civilization, it hosts an exhibition which showcases the Majestic remains of it. The exhibition is on the border of Syria and Turkey and works towards continually preserving the endangered historical artefacts. And with the war going on, preservation becomes even more significant.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there remains large number of museums with several exhibitions at show. The ones stated are just handful of grains extracted from the whole sack.