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Preparing For a Gender Reveal Celebration

gender reveal

Gender reveal events have become progressively popular in recent years. It’s a way to get all your close family and friends together to celebrate whether you will be giving birth to a baby boy or girl. Although planning an event like this is exciting, you need to consider things like who to invite. How do you reveal the gender? What date will you have it? But before any of this, you also need to determine the gender of the baby, who will you allow to find out first or have you already selected the baby’s gender and want to use this event and to showcase it to your family and friends?

How exactly do you determine the gender but keep it secret?

When you are at the ultrasound if the nurse says she can tell you the gender of the baby ask her to write it down on some paper and seal it in an envelope then nominate someone to tell what the gender is so they can arrange what will happen at the reveal.

Gender reveal parties is all about the gender so decorations and food can all be organised in either the pink and blue colours. If you know someone who has had a gender reveal celebration for their little boy and you want some tips don’t be shy, ask her for tips on how to have a gender reveal party for a baby boy. You can keep it simple or get creative; it is totally up to you. Be unique and even plan something around each parent’s interests and likes. Another idea is to build the reveal around a season theme of when the baby is due.

Gender Reveal decorations

Setting the date

Consider sending out invites 4 to 6 weeks in advance so people can keep this day free. You can buy some invitations or get creative and design your own with ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. If you have a large amount to send, consider asking for everyone’s emails and sending off a digital invitation. It is important to remember people might not know what a gender reveal party is. Even though they are popular, they are still relatively recent, so not all people know what they are especially if you have seniors attending the reveal. Just include a little explanation of the invitation explaining what the gender reveal is.

Have blue and pink cups ready so when guests arrive you can give them a cup in the colour that they think the gender is.  You can give everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write the gender on the paper and their name so you can look back at everyone’s guesses. You could have a mini raffle and offer rewards for everyone who guessed correctly.

Recording the event

A gender reveal is a unique event you may want to record it so you can have it for your memories. You can record it with your phone, or you can hire a professional to come to the party and record the whole thing and take some professional photos while you have everyone there at the one time.


You can write on the invitations what you would like to receive as gifts or if you would prefer money to buy something big for the baby like a cot or pram. If you are hosting for the mum to consider asking everyone to put in for a little holiday away for the parents to be to relax and enjoy some time before baby comes.

Send out a thank you

Once the party is over within the next few days, send a little thank you card to everyone who attended your party. This is a thought that can go a long way and mean so much.