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Putting on contact lenses for a trip

Contact lenses

Eyes are very sensitive and require good care to protect them. When it comes to wearing contact lenses, there is constant need to touch the surface of the eyes, with alien materials to give you a cosmetic look or to enhance your vision. Most people aren’t very comfortable to touch their eyes and wear contact lenses in them and then remove them again. They prefer physical eye protection like spectacles or glasses and are comfortable with them. There are many who are genuinely scared about wearing contact lenses in their eyes as they believe they might injure or scar their eyes. However, there are still many who opt to wear these contact lenses on a daily basis. This fear especially is seen with people who had previously worn glasses and then move to contact lenses and they find it difficult to touch their eye surface and it makes them red and watery, feeding the discomfort and irritation.

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Overcoming this fear is not a difficult thing but requires some practice and understanding on using the contact lenses and a little adjustment to make. You have to start by relaxing yourself and not fear the contact lens and think of it damaging your eyes, and know the purpose of these lenses and accept them to start using them. Contact lenses are fragile materials designed to stay in the eyes, so they are designed accordingly, so let go of the fear that they will scar your eyes. Relax and take a deep breath and practice wearing them without lenses on your fingertip. For this, you have to clean your hands first, if you have nails, be very careful when putting them near your eyes. Touching your eyes with a clean hand for a few seconds isn’t bad, and this practice would help you keep your hands steady and so when you have contact lenses on your fingertip, you will be able to place them on your eyes easily.

Also while practising, you will know which hand feels comfortable to put these lenses on your eyes, so make yourself familiar with your hand that helps you do this task. Being getting familiar to this hand that helps with the contact lenses, you would be able to place the lens correctly, while your eyelids are open and you don’t close your eyes and drop your lens on to the ground. Once you have this practice, you will know which hand is dominant in helping you wear the lens, while the other hand is ready to support you open your eyelids if necessary. This might sound complex and difficult, but with practice, you will be able to wear the lenses in a matter of seconds, if you hold your lens the correct way.

Insert the lenses in front of the mirror, so you know where you are touching your eyes, and you can stay focused on your wearing your lenses and not be distracted with your anxiousness. With the mirror, there is more control of where you would be placing the lens and you don’t have to worry about touching your eye’s surface now. Also do not practice wearing your lenses by looking sidewards, instead, look straight so you place the lens exactly over your iris. If you do this, then the lens is placed on the exact place it needs to be and not on the white of the eyes, and the mirror will help you do this easily.

Lens solution helps lubricate the lens as well as your eyes, which will keep your eyes from feeling irritated, so the lens solution will keep your eyes from drying out and also helps in placing the lens on the eyes without much irritation. These are a general guideline to help you with your fear of placing coloured or non-coloured contact lenses in your eyes, however, if you experience any discomfort with the contact lenses while wearing them, please remove them and consult an eye doctor.